Stress Less!

I have found so many insightful and thought provoking posts on this blog and saw this re-posted fromanother blog I follow (I had to share)!  One of the less than desirable parts of being an adult is stress…although I’ve read that a little stress is somehow helpful for the human body and brain (debatable at best), being stressed and dealing with life’s complications obviously can zap the energy and happiness right out of your day.  To me, when I let stress get to me, I tend feel suffocated, almost a sensation of drowning.  Of course, I have a choice whether or not to let things I have no control over bother me, but that’s all too often easier said than done.  I enjoyed reading this post to start my day, I hope you do too!  Clearly, these are great tips to let go of the road block and obstacles, as well as stop creating them for yourself!


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