Southwestern Omelet

Occasionally I dabble in big breakfasts.  However, since I am allergic to doing dishes, it’s usually a rare occasion that I open the kitchen for homemade breakfast.  This morning was one of those rare occasions!  My poor hubby doesn’t do the regular 9-5 and is usually working most weekends, so I thought this morning I would send him off with a full belly.  Scrambled eggs and bacon are good, homemade pancakes hit the spot too, but I really wanted to make something more filling today – enter my version of a Southwestern Omelet.  My omelet template is very general, I saute whatever veggies I have on hand with a little olive oil and finish it off with some type of breakfast-ish protein and seasonings.  Fixins’ were a bit sparse in the fridge today (to the grocery store I will go later)… chopped green and yellow bell pepper, yellow onion, red skin potato and soyrizo.  I beat 6 eggs well and added chopped jalapeno and cilantro.  In two heated and oiled pans, I poured in the eggs (60/40 – I’m not as hungry as hubby).  After about 4 minutes I flipped the omelets and cooked for about 2 more minutes, then added the soyrizo and veggies, folded the omelet over and topped one with cheese.  Cover for about 45 seconds to melt cheese and serve. 

I always put jalapeno and cilantro in my eggs, but I’m sure any other herbs or chile would work just fine.  I also have used zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach with chipotle salsa for the omelet filling.  Omelets really are a blank canvas to get crazy with, get creative, have fun and enjoy!


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