101 Days of Blogging?

That’s right…my question today, can I actually find enough time to complete 101 days of consecutive blogging?  I don’t know, but I have been habitually inspired after reading posts by Sarah Kay Hoffman aka A Gutsy Girl, to join her personal crusade to complete a blog entry for 101 days.  Now that I’ve found a few minutes of quiet time (and the to my password blog), I think it’s time to begin! 

With only 60 days left in 2012, I am revisiting what has transpired over the past 10 months, and although I was hoping to tackle or at best begin the journey to complete some rather large goals this year (<— ideas for my 101 days of blogging), I feel like I have succeeded at living my life the way I set out to as of 1/1/12. 

One goal I had on January 1, 2012 – be healthier!  And honestly, who doesn’t resolve each new year to be healthier?  I know I do, and in my own way 2012 has been a much healthier year, physically and mentally (more to come on this).  Another goal I had, was to strengthen my marriage, and continue to grow in it with my best friend.  While that goal will always be a work in progress, my husband and I have done an exceptional job at maintaining our priorities and nurturing our first priority – F.A.M.I.L.Y.  In addition to those non-tangible goals, we also wanted to create something new and amazing and precious…yes, we tackled that goal too!

So in reviewing the last ten months, I feel like I have done some really amazing things, and I’m eager to share…I’m also excited to figure out how to begin tackling other things I had hope to in 2012.  All of these will be great inspirations for my 101 days of blogging! 

Check back on Monday 11/5/2012 for post #1 of 101 Days of Blogging – Defy Convention, and follow along or blog with me.  My inspiration comes from A Gutsy Girl and 101 Ways to be Healthy


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