Defy Convention – Day 1

So I am a couple of days late…I wanted to start 101 days of blogging on Monday, but as usual, life got in the way!  I don’t mean that in a negative way, but my life is full and time is fleeting (not to mention, my time management skills are lacking)!  But here I am, ready to begin 101 days of blogging, remember I am using 101 Ways to be Healthy as my inspiration.

Day one is DEFY CONVENTION – Do the healthy thing, even when it’s challenging, inconvenient or considered weird.  Take pride in that.

Doing the healthy thing, or ANY thing we set out to do in life, may be chock full of obstacles, may cause impositions and yes, be considered out of the ordinary.  As mentioned in my last entry, I set out this year with the best of intentions and some rather hefty goals to begin in 2012.  Because of challenges, inconveniences and fear of what other’s may think, I’ve yet to tackle my biggest goal for the year.  A goal that would ultimately make me a happier person and put my family in a much better position geographically and financially.  I desperately want to go back to school and get into the health care field.  


Ever since my professional life began, I’ve never allowed myself to be tied to an industry or position that didn’t make me happy or didn’t satisfy me professionally.  But in that pursuit (which definitely defies the convention my parents tried to instill in me), I somehow lost the essence of being happy professionally.  As I began to mature more, financial obligations swelled and my family grew.  With each advance I made up the material ladder, I became less worried about maintaining happiness in my career and more worried about how to afford my life.  And because I chose to fill my life with ‘things’, I lost sight of what really matters most.  Now that my bubble has burst, and like a lot of other’s in the country, I am feeling the crunch of our economy, I took the last couple of years to evaluate what I’m good at, what excites me and how that can translate into my professional life.  What I found was, that I’m a people person…I am great with people!  Maybe that is why I’m in sales?  But sales, ugh, no matter what industry of sales I’ve immersed myself in, the end result is always the same – frustrated and stressed out, worried about making my numbers.  

At this point in time, defying convention for my health (albeit mental health), means I will find a way to get back to school.  It is definitely going to be challenging, I’m sure there will be inconveniences along the way, and it will be weird to go back to school after having been out of school for over a decade – but I will take pride in doing something to make myself happy and that will ultimately help others!

How will you defy convention?  Next on the list, BUCK TRENDS!


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