101 Days of Blogging – Day 5 – Repossess Your Health

Five Repossess Your Health

Reclaim responsibility for your well-being; own your daily choices; minimize your reliance on the broken sick-care system.

Personal health and well-being can encompass many things to us all!  I think it all depends on Y.O.U. – Your Own Unique path…

For me, repossessing my health consisted of reorganizing my priorities.  From twenty-five to my early thirties I was consumed with finding the right career for me.  The thing that I got up to do every day that made me smile, sigh a sigh of relaxed relief, a thing that made me happy.  Now that I’m officially in my mid-thirties (a milestone that frightened me so…), I’m not so sure what that Monday through Friday, nine to five thing is.  I think I have a good clue, and I have some goals and plans to get there – but now at 35, I’m really not so worried about it.  Do I want to be successful?  Oh yes, I absolutely want to be?  Am I successful?  Actually yes, yes I am.  I may have some more roads, highways and byways (preferably trails) to travel to arrive where I want to professionally, but that is no longer my number one priority.Out of Order

Gosh, looking back I feel like a fool!  Why in the world would I have made my number one priority my job???  I do want to provide for my family, be self fulfilled and satisfied with professional accomplishments.  But I found out, my life would be much fuller at home.  My home, the place infested with dust and hair from my four precocious pets.  The place where my prized possessions rest in my kitchen cabinets (cuisinart pots and pans – I’m a ninja chef, incognito), where my pile of clean clothes lay on the floor on my side of the bed…  The place where my amazingly talented, unconditionally loving and beautiful husband resides…  The place where these two young beautiful souls reside…  Ahhhh, yes – not my house, my home.

Heart in HandsI wish I could put into words, just how special my home is to me, how important it is.  For whatever reason, I can’t begin to wrap my words around my safest place.

My home makes me rich, my family my compass.  My professional life will always keep me on my toes and keep me motivated.  But the whole reason I open my eyes every day and smile is my family.

My family is how I have repossessed my health.  Knowing this, makes me feel #GUTSY.

Join me for day 6 of 101 days of blogging Redefine Your Role – You are not a “healthcare consumer.” You are a human being. You may be experiencing an illness or other health challenge right now, but remember that good health is your body’s natural state.

Loving Life!

Loving Life!


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