101 Days of Blogging – #6: Redefine YOUR Role

You are not a “healthcare consumer.”  You are a human being.  You may be experiencing an illness or other health challenge right now, but remember that good health is your body’s natural state.
I’m a human being.  Sometimes, I wonder what it’s all about, what is the purpose??? 
I used to worry about what people thought about me.  I still do, to a point.  That has been my “health challenge” dilemma more years I’ve been on Earth than not.  I’m a people pleaser, I want EVERYONE to like me, I want everyone in my life to be happy and find me as part of THEIR happiness.  Wow – I just reread that!!!  How twisted and almost self-centered is that statement???  Like I said, I only care what people think about me now, to a point…
YESFor years, I was interested in pleasing people.  My parents.  I joined in sports, enrolled in advanced placement classes, and attended church without any sort of battle.  I wanted to make them proud of me.  I wanted to be the next diamond in their eyes, after my older sibling, of course!  This continued through college, the course of study I chose was their suggestion (I’ve never worked a lick in that industry, although that is what my degree is in).  Everything down to my hairstyle, was under the influence of my parents until I was about 26 or so. 
Ir seemed like an eternity that I was very much influenced by friends…doing what they wanted to do, taking part in their interests, going with their flow, because I hated confrontation and figured my interests weren’t wFoolorth the conversation. 
I never wanted to look foolish, never wanted to seem naive, or uneducated.
But I’m older now.  The older I get, the more I witness folks I respect looking foolish, naive and most definitely ignorant.  Not that I am perfect – oh no, I am a work in progress.  I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I’m sure I’ll continue.  The difference is, I can appreciate the lesson.  I’m beginning to acknowledge no one is perfect!  Looking foolish is sometimes a blast (just ask my husband and kids how much fun I am when I get my funky chicken on). 
I’m redefining my role every day, by doing what I want to do.  I’m on a quest to make each day a happy and productive one.  Whether it’s cooking a crazy dish (I whipped up black rice for the first time the other night), ranting and raving on my blog (my distaste for what social media has become) or washing my car (a long favorite  pastime of mine).  Lately, I love listening to music of the 90’s… a wee bit o’ grunge.  I feel a little silly, as that time has passed, but why can’t I reminisce? 
Again, I’ll say it, I’m a human being.  Sometimes, I wonder what it’s all about, what is the purpose???  The purpose?  It’s to live, right?  To live my life, for me.  I’ll always want to make people happy.  But the most important people I want to make happy are me and the people who live in my house.  If I make someone on the outside smile, if they get a warm fuzzy because of something I’ve done??  Well then that’s a beautiful bonus.
Join me for #7  of 101 days of blogging – Practice Medicine Without a License:
Research your own conditions and treatment alternatives, ask questions, and seek second opinions with impunity. Leverage the expertise of trained pros, but don’t allow it to eclipse your own informed instincts about what’s best for you.Uncertain
… I’ll talk therapeutic endurance challenges, chiropractic visits, facials and booze!  What a combination, or not?!  In the meantime, please share with my how you are redefining YOUR role!!!!

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