#8 – Minimize Symtom Suppression

Make whole-person vitality, well-being and resilience your goal. Partner with healthcare pros who understand and support your desire to be fully healthy with a minimum of medical intervention.
So… the conclusion to the crazy trail race:
One cool Arizona morning in September, hubby and I waited for our ride to Colorado.  We were going up with another couple, we planned on making it a bit of a vacation.  I thought the drive would be long and boring, but it really wasn’t!  We passed through crazy small scary towns, over and through beautiful mountain areas, and through the four corners.
We arrived and were lucky to be able to stay at a condo in Purgatory, Co.  It was a gorgeous shade of gray out when we arrived.  My hubby, me and one of our friend’s quickly through on some running gear and went for  a jog on a near by trail.  The landscape was green, damp and chilly.  The race would take place in a day, beginning in Ouray, CO and ending in Telluride.
We had an entire group of people, mostly men and most were hiking in lieu of running.  We decided, along with our travel companions to run as much as we could.  The anticipation grew while we visited tourist spots and attended the race expo.  The morning of the race, it was freezing outside!!!  We each were dressed in layers and ate some breakfast.  At the starting line, we found ourselves in the sea of the 1000 other participants.  I kept thinking, what in the world have I gotten myself into?!
Finally, the race began and soon I was in pain!  I thought I would have trouble breathing in the higher altitude, but I think the lack of oxygen hurt my legs more than anything.  The lactic acid quickly built up in my legs and they felt like led.  I wasn’t even 3 miles into the run and my fake iPod died.  Even though I wasn’t competing against anyone, I was running against the clock.  Runners who didn’t make it to certain checkpoints within a specific timeframe were pulled off the course, due to safety issues.  Lucky for me, I made the summit in time.Imogene Pass Run  10 greuling miles straight up switch backs and now for 7 miles downhill on an 11 percent grade.  Chunks of the pass kept tripping me up, my legs felt so weak and shook like crazy.  I hadn’t seen my husband in a couple of hours.  In fact he finished and hour or so before me!  6 hours after I started in Ouray, I ran right into to Telluride.  Wow, it was a breathtaking town.  What an accomplishment, I couldn’t believe I had finished!
Imogene Pass Run showed me that where there is a will there truly is a way.  I found out that I am tough as nails, and discovered that intense endurance runs were definitely for me.  Since Imogene, I’ve run another 1/2 marathon, countless 5 & 10k’s and many 24 hour relays (ultra relays too).
Through running, I have found a plethura of ways to maintain my health.  From eating well, stretching and warming up, getting my back adjusted regularly – I have taken all that I’ve learned from the holistic providers and applied it to my every day life.  The foam roller is my best friend, and I know I have a theraband floating around her somewhere.  I’ve felt the benefits of vitamin IV therapy and have become a believer in many holistic health practices.  I’ll talk more about this in my next post…
#9 – Safeguard Your JuJu

Don’t let yourself get run down, depressed, negative or reactive. That’s when immunity drops, inflammation rages, and unhealthy tendencies strike.

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