#10 See The Bigger Picture

tenSee The Bigger Picture – 

  • Yes, this is about you, but your well-being also affects everyone and everything around you. When you get healthier, everybody benefits.

If you’ve ever read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and you get it, you have a very clear picture of how The Big Picture fits into your life.  What’s your BIG PICTURE?  What does it look like?  I know what mine looks like, but it used to look so completely different.

But back to what the folks over at 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthier defines the bigger picture as… I learned a few years back, that if I’m no good for myself, I’m definitely a Debbie Downer for those closest to me.

It all started in 2001.  I was fat, and not fat and happy.  I was fat and miserable.  It was he first time INAU had ever lived away from my parents, I was forced to make a new group of friends.  And I was married, ugh I was married to someone who I was so close to, but had become a stranger to me.  I felt so alone, and I did what a lot of Americans do, young and old alike – I ate and drank to soothe my pain.  It was a shame really, I moved to a fantastically different and beautiful place!  I was in Flagstaff Arizona.  I was in school, had a decent job, and actually a nice place to live.  Oh but what a slap-in-the-face-culture-shock of a place it was!  It took about a year, but I started to make friends, I immersed myself in school, my internship and friends.  I started hiking, went on a diet and explored Northern Arizona.  Life was good, it was turning around.  Then – it’s funny how you can get your stuff together and stumble upon something that trips you up.

SickOne night, while out with friends from back home – I accidentally threw up while brushing my teeth (I had horrible garlic breath after an italian meal).  Now I’m not going to go too much into this (it’s enough for a whole other blog).  What I will say is that I found myself mixed up in an isolated world of twisted self-control.  This stupid awful horrible habit ruled my life for over five years.  It wasn’t until I saw how it was affecting my family that I realized I needed to change.  My big picture had been gobbled up by this ugly obsession with control.

It took a counselor, an anti-depressant and a TON of soul searching to figure out how to live a normal life again that focused on my child and myself in a super healthy way.  Which brings me to my next topic for THE BIG PICTURE:  Believe in your vision and gifts when no one else believes in your vision and gifts.

While healing from the eating disorder, I realized that a big reason I had fallen into such an unhealthy habit was that my (ex) husband and I had a very unhealthy relationship.  Somehow the lonely roadeating disorder compensated for my lack of control over my unstable marriage???  Wow, talk about a really crappy way of dealing with your problems!  So when I finally sought help for my eating disorder, I of course enlisted the help of my then husband.  For whatever reason, he dropped out of those counseling meetings, since it was, “only all about me.”  That was the beginning of the end.  I knew what I needed to do to get better and I needed help.  I needed help from a professional and my family.  It hurt that he couldn’t see that my vision was to get well for me and the benefit of our family.

I couldn’t see it then, but it all happened for a reason.  I still strongly believe in my ever evolving vision and gifts and have made a conscious choice to only have those in my life that can see and support them!  Of course there is reciprocity.

It feels like a long road, but at the same time, life has passed by so quickly since those days…

Whatever your goals, vision or gifts – your BIG PICTURE, never lose sight and don’t be afraid of change.

heartMy big picture (among other things personal) is to help people lead a healthy life…  I was lucky to have a guest post on another site this week.  If you haven’t, please check out Sarah Kay Hoffman’s website – A Gutsy Girl … She has such an inspirational views and posts, definitely worth following this #gutsy girl!

Join me for the 101 days of blogging journey.  Next up #11 BE PART OF A SOLUTION!  It’s going to take a lot of strong, clear-headed, high-vitality people to solve the world’s problems. Be one of them.  Start your day with 20 minutes of exercise.



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