101 Days of Blogging – #11 Be Part of The Solution

elevenBe Part of The Solution – It’s going to take a lot of strong, clear-headed, high-vitality people to solve the world’s problems.  Be one of them.

Life is cyclical.  At least my life has been.  Early on I experienced the highs and lows of  naivety.  It was nice that I was so sheltered and was able to really enjoy my youth without any of the worries or fears of today’s children.  But at the same time, I never realized how many vultures there are out there.  Then, just when I feel like I’ve wised up and am again on my own path and won’t have any disruptions from poisonous reptiles, I get stuck in some slimy nasty funkiness of someone else’s evil.  LOL, I just reread that last sentence, but it’s true!

Here’s the problem with the cycle, I am the problem.  I allow myself to be swallowed up by other people and their agendas.  In the past I somehow have lost my backbone and have allowed my life to be ruled by what’s best for others.  I think anyone would agree, that’s definitely NOT part of being the solution!  I’m done with that.  The older I get, the more I realize, it’s all about the experience I choose to have.  I choose healthy and fun.Trail Running Stock

So how can I be part of the solution rather than add to the problems of the world?  I have a clear vision (my #BIG PICTURE) of what I
want to accomplish this year.  Unfortunately, my goals for 2013 are goals that I’ve wanted to tackle for a good three years plus!  When I evaluate what has held me back…the clear bold ugly answer is ME.  I have allowed all this B.S. to get in the way and occupy my time, my worries, my life – and it drained me of the clear vision I have had for myself.  It’s high time I break that cycle and really go after what I want, no holds barred.

Question MarkSo my question today, do you enable yourself to tackle your life’s dreams?  Do you do everything in your power to keep after your goals regardless of what others say to keep you down or discouraging you?

In addition to syncing up with 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy, I am incorporating some tips a great friend sent me to get UNSTUCK in 2013

My commitment to myself is to – Start your day with 20 minutes of exercise.  I hope to do more more than 20 minutes, but 20 minutes is a start.  I need to get back to where I once was…  Those 20 minutes will help me focus on the day’s tasks, goals and commitments.  I am hoping those 20 minutes I am able to fully get lost in my music, become centered and move on to a focused day where I am definitely A PART OF THE SOLUTION!

I would love to hear how others are their own solution to a life more healthy, please share with me and continue on my journey with me!

Next post:  #12 Go at Your Own Pace / Make excellence your way of being (versus a once in a while event).

Here’s to your happiness!!!!



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