#12 – Go At Your Own Pace

TwelveGO AT YOUR OWN PACE – A healthy life is more a marathon than a sprint. So start where you are. Choose sensible, sustainable shifts over instant cures and quick fixes. 

This can apply to so many parts of my life…how about you?

I recently began a shift in my daily diet.  For 21 days I am cutting so much out of what I would normally eat.  Surprisingly, this hasn’t been hard at all!  The hardest part has been to find the time to prepare my breakfast and snacks from scratch, otherwise, I’m beginning to find out – I already  had a pretty healthy diet!  That is good news, but there must be something I was eating before that I am not now, because I honestly feel better on the inside!

BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there), I am all too aware that this is not a quick fix and I know that I will need to maintain this beyond these 21 days.  This is a great start, the way I feel is a motivator for me to get back to where I once was with eating and running.  I had this idea four and a half months ago, when our ‘sweet pea’ joined us, that I would click my heals, no longer rely on cereal, crackers and the like for quick so-called ‘healthy snacks’.  I had this vision that I would shed the weight it took my nine months to pack on, lace up my Asics and hit the ground running.  HA!  Although, I’ve lost most of the weight, I haven’t run a lick!  It took me deciding to do this 21 day program to cut out the easy snacks… so things are progressing, but not quite as stealth like as I had imagined!

Oops! Road Sign

While I realize there is no ‘instant cure or quick fix’ to my physical well-being, I am beginning to realize the same goes for my Credit: 25_DREAM_OF_CONSCIOUSNESS_copy-4067[1]mental well-being!  Why is it so hard for me to accept that my everyday attitude may be fantastic, but there are certain memories and moods from my past life that affect me?  Well, I guess I will just have to work on those things a little bit at a time too.  As my body is filling with strength again, I will do everything I can to nourish my mind and soul…  “Make Excellence My way of Being (versus a once-in-a-while event).”

In the mean-time (not to sound corny), I will maintain my attitude of gratitude!  It is Saturday, I have to precious little souls that I’ve been lounging with all morning, I am so grateful for them!

The sweet and comedic messages I’ve been receiving from my hubby all morning bring a bright smile to my face, and little fuzzy fluttery butterflies to my belly (after all these years).  I am thankful for him.

Today, I’m going to enjoy the day, try to start a couple of DIY home projects – most of all, I’m going to treasure the smiles and laughs that fill our Certifiable Happy Home (or as my son puts it, our CRAZY family)!


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