13Be Proactive – If you feel a cold, flu or nasty headache coming on, take evasive maneuvers. Rest. Refuel. BE PROACTIVEReconnect. Rebuild your immunity and vitality. There’s no heroism in ignoring your body’s needs.

I’m nearing the end of the 21 day #GutstyGirl Program.  I can officially say I broke my processed food breakfast and snack habit.  It was hard at the beginning, but I am back to noshing on fruit and veggies.  My tummy feels great, and are you ready for the kinda gross kicker???  I can do a number two!  HA!  I feel like this process was a proactive one.  Originally, to combat morning sickness and for convenience sake, I started munching cereal in the morning, snacking on granola bars and having some tortilla chips here and there.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that (Seinfeld Flashback)… but those foods are not for me.  It feels good to have bounced back from my processed food habit!  Now to forge a new wrinkle in my brain, and add foods back into my diet.  I’m a big veggie dipper and am anxious to make my own hummus to dip my baby bell peppers and carrots in…  a new recipe lingers!

beginWith all the good news for the digestion side of my body, I’m sad to report, I’ve yet to get back into working my body out.  I have solid excuses every day…I run out of time and the weather sucks!  Seriously, the good ol’ southwest had some awesome 40-50 mph winds this week.  I know what you’re thinking…work out inside you moron!!!  I’m a Sagittarius folks.  This girl does not like to be confined!  My days consist of taking care of Miss K and working at home on the PC.  The LAST thing I want to do is workout INSIDE!  That is the beauty of running, it is outdoors.  You can do it on trails, on pavement, by a river, over a mountain pass, on a canal (you get the picture)!

early bird special


My goal this weekend is to at least get out and walk.  Whether Miss K, Mister C or hubby is along for the ride – I must do it.  I will: Be on
time (bonus points: be early). 
My deadline is Sunday, five o’clock PM.  I will report back, and have my fingers crossed it is a positive report!


Tell me about what you are putting off, a bad habit you’re trying to break or a goal for this month!  I’d love to hear about it and track your progress.

Join me again soon for #14 – LEVERAGE YOUR BIG “WHY’S”Be a celebrator of other’s talents versus a critic!


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