#14 – Leverage Your Big “WHYS”!


14LEVERAGE YOUR BIG – WHYSKnow the specific reasons your health matters to you.  Write them down where you’ll see them daily.  


Be a celebrator of other’s talents versus a critic.

Today was our first outing beyond the city limits with Miss K (who is a tender 5 months) and Mister C (an invincible wee man of 9).  obstaclesToday was also the second time I have ventured out to eat during my 21 day gutsy detox program.  We had every tiny little frustrating detail hold us up.  GRRRRR!  How are hard is it just to get out and do what you want to do???

Well needless to say after the tiny obstacles were in the rear view mirror, and the frustration that lingered in our chests’ dissipated, we had a really nice afternoon.  Mister C pointed out that the restaurant we lunched at was ‘nice’.  Nicer and more variety than what we have in our little town.  Made me a little nostalgic for the city we used to live in.  Miss K wanted her lunch while at the restaurant…after a short attempt at a concealed feed, I opted to take her to the bathroom (I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable doing the BF in a public setting – cover or no cover).  Hubby enjoyed a burger with a runny egg (EW!), wee man a hot dog, fruit (who am I kidding, I ate the fruit), and thick cut steak fries.  I ate a fabulous arugula salad with bacon and balsamic.

Sprouts!We shopped for about as long as we could stand…malls weren’t made for people like us!  Is it sad that the highlight of our day trip was #SPROUTS?!


On the road home, I let my eyelids rest and my mind drift.  It’s not often that hubby and I have a weekend together.  So when we do, it the-road-homeis super special.  We’ve had our ups as a family and I’ve learned from our downs.  My health matters to me because I want to be with my family as long as possible.  It is these fleeting moments that we have together that make my life rich.  Just as I have unwavering vivid memories growing up with my parents and brother, I’m now adding to those memories with my own family that I will forever treasure.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and struggles of life.  The routine and struggles can sometimes cloud what is most valuable and important.
My hubby is fantastic at remember things I like or want to do.  After the 40 minute car ride, the lunch (and bathroom stall feeding), the long line to exchange Christmas gifts, perusing Michaels… he mapped out the address for the nearest Sprouts.  That man never ceases to make me smile each day.  And a smile on my face is as good as gold.  Those kids warm my heart, make me want to be better for them each day.


Next time – from 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy- #15 Raise Your Sights & from Robin Sharma – Stop watching TV. (Bonus points: sell your tv and invest the cash in learning and self-education).



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