From 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy #16 – Learn the Skill: Healthy, fit people have learned how to be healthy.  Learn those skills, practice them, and you’ll be healthy, too.  




from Robin Sharma – Finish what you start.

I think these two statements can really compliment each other!  So as a semi health-nut, definitely a foodie and an amateur runner – I have learned how to be healthy for me.  I’m not a gym rat, I love to take rich-tasty-calorie loaded recipes and turn them into healthy family favorites and I adore being able to run outdoors (preferably on a trail, and occasionally I like to find a team to compete with).  <—in a nutshell, is how I maintain my health.  I’ve observed others, researched best practices and then applied them to my own life to make them work for me.

I love to cook by nature, but I wasn’t always good at it.  Luckily for me, my mother always cooked a home-meal for dinner, and withoutstovetop fail, her meals were A-mazing.  Learning to cook like my mother was super difficult for me, she doesn’t follow recipes; rather she follows her tongue.  A little of this, a little of that – then she’ll taste and add some more of whatever until she achieves the flavor she’s looking for.  What I’ve learned from my mother is the ability to use my palate to replicate recipes, and then tweak them to cut the fat, carbs and calories – yet those cuts and substitutions are never at the expense of flavor.

TreadmillIn addition to eating well, I know I need to work my body out.  I hate the gym.  No, I LOATHE the gym.  I can’t run on a treadmill – partially because I am so clumsy, but even if I get a good rhythm down, I will be five minutes into a treadmill run and then search for a window.  I would much rather be outside running.  Whether it’s hot, cold or the perfect temperature, I like to be on trails, on roads…I like to see the fall leaves or the bright colored and sweet smelling buds of spring.  Swooping birds, flashy cars, road kill…you name it – I want to see it.  I especially fell in love with outdoor runs because it has given me a chance to explore new trails, new areas,trail running but at the same time I can get lost in the music I love for an hour or so without interruption (always a bonus).

But I am guilty… I don’t always finish what I start when it comes to my health.  My love of running ebbs and flows.  I’ve been out of that groove for well over a year now and I really want to get back to where I was.  I’m desperate to get back to where I was, but it seems that life gets in the way.  I’m in a serious transition – trying to decide whether or not to take over a family business, raising children and nurturing my marriage… While I realize none of those are excuses to leverage why I am not making the time to get out and do something healthy for me – I’m doing just that!  So I guess it’s high time to finish what I started (I FEEL A #30 DAY CHALLENGE IN MY FUTURE)!

I’m excited to share more about these two topics!  As I continue to “Learn the Skills” I will most definitely “Finish What I Start!”


What new healthy skills are you learning and practicing?  What are you going to start for your health that you WILL finish?

If you have a recipe you would like some help making more healthy, but still rich with flavor, please let me know!  I would love to work on it with you!

Next time #17 – Reap the Rewards & Remember that your diet affects your moods so eat like an athlete.



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