#18 FOCUS on the FUNdamentals!


#18 from 101 Revolutionary Ways to be HealthyFocus on the Fundamentals – Drink water, eat good food, move, rest, relax, connect. Don’t sweat the more complex stuff until you’ve got a grip on the basics


from 62 Ways to get Unstuck in 2013 from Robin Sharma –  Spend an hour a day without stimulation (no phone+no FaceBook+no noise).

I’m lucky to work from home.  I get to spend my day pulling my hair out over stupid insurance jargon, but quickly grasp my sanity again with a sweet look from my precious baby.  The struggles of the day dissipates when I pick up my son from school…he’s the tender age of nine and it never fails – he wraps his arms around me and tells me he loves me.  The grit of the day-to-day grind evaporates the second my husband walks through the door and greets me with a smile, joke and kiss.  Yep, I never thought I’d prefer working from home – but I SO DO!

Another perk of working from home – I can check my personal email whenever I want, grab a custom cup of coffee from my kitchen and pin to my heart’s content.  I can do all this because I am a multitasking master!  I’m also on hold quite a bit with my corporate office.

On the days I do make my way to the office, my schedule is packed and quite hectic.  Making sure hubby has what he needs for our baby, working my schedule so that I can pick up groceries and my son and make it home with enough to make a decent meal for the family.  Oh I forgot to mention, it usually takes me about freakin’ four hours to get out of the house.  I probably will need gas since I don’t drive much any more… My point is, those days that I actually get out of the house are crazy.  Once the day is done,dinner made and dishes are done – kids in bed; and I am sitting on my little space of the couch with my feet up and beer in hand, music in my ears – I realize that I never checked my personal email, never got on FB or Twitter, I probably didn’t even send a text message (other than to work to say I’m running late).  I pull my phone out, but I’m so not motivated to get on any of those sites…I’d rather just play Words With Friends for a bit, or actually watch Friends!  So I don’t plug in and I feel quite nice actually!!!

On day two of my 101 Days of Blogging – BUCK TRENDS – I addressed the beauty of being unplugged and experiencing real connections again.  If you’re a tad older like me, born before 1980 – do you remember not having a cell phone?  No computer in the house…WTH is the world wide web.  Remember writing reports based upon hours of reading and research an actual book???  Atari, cassette tapes and VHS  – those things were quite a treat, not the norm in my house!

Back to working from home…Yes it affords me the freedom to stay ‘plugged-in’.  However, I choose not too.  Working from home has reminded me of the fundamentals…the FUN-damentals.  I make my coffee every morning, I get to hang out with my darling baby.  When it’s nap-time, it’s time to work.  Once the little boy is home from school, it’s homework, reading and family time.  There are many days where I realize I never checked my personal email account, never looked at FB or Tweeted, and what a refreshing feeling that is.  My life was just fine before social media.  Do I enjoy social media – HELL YEAH I DO!  But do I allow it to be a compass in my life?  HELL NO I DON’T!  I’d rather spend the extra time indulging MY FUNDAMENTALS –  in a hobby, keeping my crazy house clean and happy, cooking, learning, loving…LIVING, not looking.

Next time, I’m EXCITED for the next two topics –101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy #19FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT: Don’t yet see yourself as a super-healthy person?  Experiment with doing a little of what you’d do if you were already supremely healthy and fit.  As often as you can, act as if your commitment were unwavering.  From Robin Sharma’s 62 Ways to get Unstuck –  Release the energy vampires from your life. They are destroying your performance.  I’ll address FUN SUCKERS! 😉

In the mean-time, tell me – do you unplug from social media??  If so, how often and what affect does it have on your day?






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