Thinking Out Loud

Wow, so I’ve clearly stumbled on my 101 days of blogging.  Every day life just sometimes takes up the majority of my day and honestly, at the end of most evenings, when the kids are in bed and hopefully the dishes are done, my brain is more tired than my body.  Recently, I can’t even tell you how – I think I searched something about healthy rice krispy treats, I found a very cool blog.  Not only could I relate to the authors personal struggles with food, but she is just flat out an amazing writer and funny as hell!  After browsing her blog, I found this page.  It got me thinking about that many times I would like to post something more to my site than just a recipe, but chaos ensues in my head and I just can’t get anything out!  GRRRRR!  What a nuisance the brain can be, yet what a wonderful gift it truly is.  So while I sit here and try to decide what to write…well you know what?  Who cares??  Who will really read this?  So why not Think Out Loud (click the link for a detailed explanation of Think Out Loud) and get a little silly?!

So here goes.  I’m kind of starting this blog over.  Although I won’t delete my previous posts, I think Certifiable Happy Home is taking a new path.  For now though, I’m just going to end my Thursday evening on a fun light note…  The difference between my childhood and my children’s:

  • I can not relate to young people!  And by young I mean like 8 to 11 year olds!  Yeah, I’m going to date myself here, but ummmmm….really what the hell do these kids think that make this world go around?  Electronics!!!!
  • When I was between the ages of 8-11, I still played with my toys, drank out of the garden hose, played outside, rode my bike until dark.  (My 9 year old would rather do go ADD over his Kindle, Ipod Touch and Nintendo 3DS – by ADD I mean he’ll play each consecutively while watching Netflix – ICK!)
  • When mom put dinner on the table, there was no complaining or alternatives, you ate your dinner.
  • Saturday morning when I was a kid – chores, no questions…just DO IT!  My son will try to talk around it for as long as I’m willing to before I tell him to JUST DO YOUR CHORES!
  • My 15 month old knows how to swipe to get mine and my husband’s phone open… hmmmm.

I’ll end it there.  I have many more rants about kids today, but it is what it is, right?!  Check back for healthy recipes, stories, music and whatever chaos crosses my path in 2014!


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Aww! Thanks for your sweet words and for joining up to ToL this week, girl! Don’t forget to add your link to the linkup so that others can see 🙂

    And oh gosh, kids these days… things are definitely a lot different than they used to be. I remember not even getting my first computer until I was… 12 or 13?… and now it seems like kids who can barely walk are pluggin away at all sorts of electronics. Yup. The world is definitely changing…

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