I took my son on a bike ride, hence the aforementioned YIKES!  Homeboy is the epitome of he’ll on wheels!!! We did a rough two miles, in minor traffic, he scared me nonetheless.  Not to mention we ran into two obnoxious tweets that riled me and I couldn’t help the profanity that spewed from my gut.  When a 13-14 year old goes out of his way to try to make rattle you with your 10 year old, yeah, he walked in front of the wrong lady. So we get past the unruly tweets, teens maybe?  Either way, they were DB’S… then about a mile in, my child is ready to give up. We stopped in a parking lot, I told him to rest, while I rode circles in the deserted lot… I was shocked when two minutes later he was ready t ok go. Destination home, that wobbly little guy had me on edge for the duration. But I tell you what, it was my first solo ride with my boy and I’m looking forward to the next. Although I know it will continue to be the cringy yikes  of wobbly crazy versus traffic kind of situation. If you’re wondering why we didn’t just do a trail… #1 are you kidding me?  #2 he needs thicker tires, yet still won’t do trails with me. And that’s ok. calm-before-storm-1


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