# 2, 3 & 4…

A conglomeration of a few firsts during my 30 days of firsts

#2… I’ve made coconut curry two weeks in a row.  For some of you, this may seem rather redundant, cooking the same meal two weeks in a row.  For me, nope.  I have my go-to recipes that I make 2-3 times per month.  But those are no-fail recipes, meals I’ve been making since my teens and I know they are crowd family pleasers of finger-licking tasty goodness.  Last week, I wasn’t so pleased, mainly because I failed to trim my chicken and it disgusted me when I ate it.  Granted I had the best of the best I could have purchased from Sprouts, but the fatty parts on the boneless thighs just turned me off.  So this week, I did a variation of the sauce and trimmed my meat.  While the finished product both weeks were great, I still was turned off by trimming meat before-hand.  What a conundrum.  While I feel blessed to provide my family with a vastly different meal from the “norm”, I still can’t get over the meat issue.  GROSSERS…

#3… I made my oldest child (ten next week) do a 30 minute time out in the corner.  PSSST… HE DID IT!  Originally I had said 1 hour, but I bargained… He could trade 30 minutes for chores.  Wouldn’t you know it, that little booger that was back talking me chose chores, and you guessed it… I gave him a long lack-luster list.  More to come on this…

#4… I talked back to my mother.  Not in a hateful way, no, I’m just not going to go down to a nasty level.  I talked back in a way that I think just may have spoken to her.  You see, not every parent-child relationship is all bliss.  That’s a hard thing for me to say, and a hard thing to swallow.  I see friends, acquaintances, and strangers interact with their folks, and it always makes me wonder why I don’t have that.  Not to say I’m not close to my parents, I am.  I love both my parents to the depths of this broken soul.  But I’d be lying if I said my relationship with my mother is like any others I’ve observed.  It’s just not.  The funny thing is, the older I get, the more I understand her.  Yet, when I was younger I was so forgiving.  Now, not so much.  We can choose to divulge ourselves in the past, in the wrong-doings forced upon us, or we can learn and move on.  I am moving on (not without her, just have to live my life).  I’ve tried, tried, tried to stick with my mom in this quick sand recipe of hurt, loss and what might have been.  I’m old enough now to know better, yet still young enough to know, I won’t repeat that cycle.  I won’t repeat it for my husband, my children… but most of all, for ME.  So today, she sent me a metaphor via text… “There’s a chink in my Armour, but I’ll soldier on.”  My response, “You should go see the welder or the blacksmith.”  No response… Metaphor delivered, received & digested?  I wish I knew.

One of my mom's songs.

One of my mom’s songs.

My apologies that 2, 3 & 4 aren’t more eventful, but I plan to share more about these topics as I can (ummmm, curry, probably not so much though)!  Number 5 should be a bit more interesting… Can I do 100 miles in March?  It all depends on the wind, family schedule, oh yeah – and the biggest thing… MOTIVATION.


#15 – Raise Your Sights

15Raise Your Sights – Don’t get sucked in by obsessions with six-pack abs and buns of steel.  Don’t play “compare the bodies.”  Fulfill your best-self vision.


  Stop watching TV.  (Bonus points: sell your tv and invest the cash in learning and self-education).TV

Today started out quite relaxed and nothing short of lazy.  Let me tell you, at nine AM, I was missing my beloved stolen hour!  Spring forward sounds so positive, however as the mom of two kiddos, one in constant chatter mode and the other on a non-existent sleep schedule…I NEED that hour!!!!

Nonetheless, the day began.  Coffee (YUM), Mister C chomped down three bowls of Frosted Flakes, Miss K snoozing away… hubby volunteered to run and get our groceries and the items I needed for a furniture revamping project I wanted to start.  What to do with myself… scrubbed the kitchen – oven, floors, counter tops – EVERYTHING!  I know it sounds very Monica Geller, but the clean smell, the smooth clean floors, the organized counter tops – well it brings me such excitement.  It was a tiny victory for me today!

After attending to Miss K, hubby and I started on my project…Sanding, priming, then painting (don’t worry, I’m so sharing before and after photos).  We are replacing the little boy table in our tween son’s room with an old desk – I can’t wait for the finished product.

I have been itching to plant some seeds I have.  After the painting ended, I shifted into garden mode.  I planted carrot seeds and yellow pepper seeds.  I’m going to try my hand at growing them indoors and moving them outdoors when the temps even out.  I even managed to get some yard work done and cleaned off our walk way and patio.

Next I moved on to dinner.  Poor hubby took a chunk out of his thumb trying to help me with a mandolin I borrowed from my mom.  Poor dude, I feel horrible!  I’m normally the kitchen accident prone one of the family.  While he tended his wound, I grilled steaks (marinade=awesome), sweet potato chips and whipped cauliflower.

I finished off the night by cleaning up after our dinner and restoring the kitchen to it’s sparkly glow from a few hours earlier.  Folded the laundry that was on the couch and threw in the last load.

Phew!  That’s a lot in one day!  For me it is anyway.  Normally I’m lucky if I can get my teeth brushed before noon.  Time management isn’t my friend really.  I wanted to get my room cleaned up and de-pet hair/odor our living room.  I’m hoping and praying I get those tackled tomorrow all-the-while, keep my other works of art pristine!

I used to wonder how other people my age have these perfectly clean homes, each item tucked in it’s own place.  Neat and tidy spaces that smell wonderful.  These days, I don’t have time to wonder, or compare my ability to keep my home picked up to others.  The way I
see it, as long as my family is healthy, happy and together – I’ve got plenty of time to get the house picked up.  Keeping the chaos of clutter to a minimum is a premium, but I am not going to freak out if our house isn’t perfect.  I do however, enjoy the smell of Fabuloso
and the like (I think my brain equates this to clean), not seeing papers in piles or my sons legos on my table!  So perhaps to enjoy this more I can cut out some loungy TV time.  We don’t invest in cable companies, so it’s not as if I need to watch a show on a certain night.  What I watch will always be there, since my TV resource is Netflix or Hulu.


My goal for the week – do a little each day to keep the house clean and not have some much to catch up on the weekend!  I will also try hard to continue not to compare my home to others.

Question for you: Do you have any tips for better time management for a work-at-home/stay-at-home mom???

Next time… #16 from 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy – LEARN THE SKILLS!