30 Days of New – #9 – …..

Violet_sunset_by_00AngelicDevil00Continuing on the path of 30 Days of New… #9 is the most painful and most enlightening thing I’ve experienced.  Ever the girl with the glass half full, I sought the positive out of that all time low.  Aside from the birth of my two beautiful children, this experience rocked my world… So I’m thinking this is pretty much #9 – #30 and we’ll just move on from there.

If you read my last post almost two weeks ago, I was praying for the chance to be with grandmother here, on this plane, on Earth.  Well blogosphere, I got my wish.  She was here, but she was also gone.  That Friday night will forever remain in my memory.  When I walked in, only a faint light from the hallway shined in the bedroom as I whispered in her ear and her bright blue eyes surprised me as they popped open.  You see, she tried to talk to me when I first arrived that today.  “It seems, awfully, awfully, awfully…”  Those were the last words grandmother ever spoke.  She spoke those words to me.  I wish like crazy she could have completed that sentence.  I’m grateful that just two days earlier I popped in to give her a hug and kiss while she could still communicate.

In a matter of twelve hours, this woman that I adored was alive and well – and then it all changed.  I spent that Friday and Saturday keeping the company of my mother, drinking in all the information the hospice nurses were giving us, and generally in shock.  At 4:08 AM on Sunday March 9th, mother texted.  The time had come and I headed back up to that house that has, “a driveway that reaches the heavens.”  This is what the hospice nurse who pronounced grandmother’s passing said to the men coming from the funeral home,  where to look for mom and dad’s home.  It was a fitting description for the occasion.

I’m grateful, where I’ve been bitter for so many years.  Grandmother stepped up in my life in a huge way.  When I couldn’t turn to parents or friends, she was there.  And she was there well into my thirties.  How lucky am I?  In her passing, I feel as if I’ve found my true calling, and it’s so far from the petty money making business I’ve been in post college.  I’m so excited to turn my back on that life and open a new chapter in my life.  When I get there, this new chapter, I know grandmother will be smiling down upon me.  I know she will be proud of me.  I know she’ll have realized that without her, I might lack the motivation and drive to take on this new challenge, that will ultimately be a gift to me and my family.

If that experience weren’t enough to fill my 30 Days of New, as I experienced so many firsts in the epiphanypassing of gran… I’m rounding out the 30 with a random, slap you in the face – be patient, kind of experience.  The hubby and I like our beer, and there is a store a hop-skip-and-a-jump from home that carries our specialty beers.  I went there tonight and was happy to see my favorite employee of the establishment there.  The first time she ever scanned my hefty beer purchase, she stopped, looked me so seriously in the eye and said, “You look just like Rebecca from Pretty Little Liars.”  It made me laugh…  I started watching that show on Netflix because of this girl.  Ever since that first meeting, we exchange witty banter, talk about the show and just generally exchange a hefty smile.  It’s not often you get to hit it off with a perfect stranger.  So tonight, when I randomly found out she’s waiting on a pancreas transplant, and it will occur in the city I’m moving to… Well, I just had to smile.  Gran showed me this.  She made sure I knew.  I am confident my new friend will be in the city I’m moving to, undergoing a major life changing surgery…. And I will be there for her.

There have been many situations that have shown me to not judge people, don’t get angry or even rude and hasty with strangers.  Who knows what their day was like today.  What are they looking forward to tomorrow?  If I take anything positive away from the past two weeks, it will be to make a concerted effort to be more compassionate and calm.  It’s so easy to get caught up in life.  It’s not an easy one, I don’t care who you are… it’s never easy all the time.  And we are all just the same, going along, wanting to love what we do and who we’re with.  We all face obstacles in our paths…

This brings me to my next personal challenge… 30 Days of Kindness.  I still have a heavy heart, but I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to tomorrow.  “And I ain’t got no worries, cuz I ain’t in no hurry at all…” kindness-random


#17 – REAP the REWARDS!

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

Gustave Flaubert

Number 17 of my 101 days of blogging (inspiration from 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy) –  REAP THE REWARDS – Look and feel better, sure. But also think better, smell better, give better, love better, live better, be better.  I’m also following Robin Sharma’s 62 Tips to Get Unstuck in 2013 –  Remember that your diet affects your moods so eat like an athlete (this doesn’t mean you need to eat a ton of carbs – just look to consume unprocessed foods, please take a look at the GUTSY GIRL APPROACH – in fact, here is the GUTSY GIRL’S BIBLE).
recipeAs I said in my last post – please send me your unhealthy recipes for a healthy make-over.  I absolutely love to dissect recipes and then put them back together again, just a tad bit healthier, perhaps even a bit more yummy.  I love a good challenge – so PLEASE!  Send me your candidate for a recipe makeover.

On to #17…What do you do to live healthier and how does it affect you in a positive way?  Do you eat well, work out, pray or reflect on your blessings?  Do your healthy choices for you body and mind make you stronger?  Just a little bit stronger… did you just hear that Sara Evans song in your head, too?!

A friend told me a few years back that he was making a true attempt to ‘walk in the light‘.  I thought it was odd that he even made that the real light
comment, as this friend I always looked up to as someone with high morals and high self standards.  He never did quite explain to me how he may not be following the most righteous path, but when I reflect on that conversation with my friend, it has made me realize that EVERYONE encounters struggles of the body, heart and mind.

As we age, hopefully we take our experiences – good, bad and indifferent and build upon them.  Hopefully we learn from our mistakes and press forward on a stronger foundation with which to conquer our goals, fears – the fucked up society that we exist in.  I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even if it’s negative…there is a purpose.  Even when it’s difficult, I try to identify the positive thing about a negative experience…I’ll tell you what, I’ve had some really dark experiences.  Experiences that I’ve dwelled on, that blocked me from moving forward.  It wasn’t until I met my most wonderful husband, that I was able to actually see a situation for what it is and embrace it.  Even when it was ugly.

As strange as it seems, I’m happy to have experienced all the negative things.  I may have not been able to see it at the time, but eventually I learned something invaluable, and ultimately I REAP THE REWARDS of the lessons learned.

Next time from 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy 101ways_018 – Drink water, eat good food, move, rest, relax, connect. Don’t sweat the more complex stuff until you’ve got a grip on the basics. From 62 Ways to Get Unstuck in 2013 from Robin Sharma –  Spend an hour a day without stimulation (no phone+no FaceBook+no noise). <——– I have plenty to say on this!

I hope you all have a rewarding day!



#9 – Safeguard Your JUJU!

I realize my blogging journey is moving along at tortoise pace, but it is 101 days of blogging!  As I pointed out late last year, I have to live my life to gather content for the blog!

So my journey lands on #9 of 101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy…Safeguard you juju!

  • NineDon’t let yourself get run down, depressed, negative or reactive. That’s when immunity drops, inflammation rages, and unhealthy tendencies strike.


I can completely relate to the statement above.  Ever since I was a child, if I didn’t get my rest I would become emotional, crying on a dime and definitely edgy.  I failed to shed that trait as an adult.  But I’m getting better at knowing what I can and can’t do that will have an ill effect on the following day.

I don’t want to make this blog about getting your eight hours rest.. though. we all know we function, look, and behave better when we are well rested.  If this is about safeguarding your juju, then I want to talk about what is sacred to each of us.  My juju is my creativity, my happiness, my ability to create a delicious dinner for my family to sit down and enjoy.  My juju is my family’s almost ritualistic pancake breakfast once-a-week.

I think my husband’s juju is the ability to flex his creative artistic muscles every day.  Hmmmm, if I had to name my son’s?  Social butterfly!!!  My daughter’s, well she’s just a wee one of four months, her juju feeds mine every day…it’s that beautiful toothless smile.  Pure joy and love.

I will always safeguard my juju, as it’s the most important thing to me.  It’s special, and unique to me.  It’s mostly indescribable, I can family
take a handful of things (as I’ve pointed out) and still not be close to really describing what my juju is.  I kind of lost it once.  But I’ll write more about that later.  The lesson I took from losing it?  Never letting it go again.  I will always protect what make me most happy, never again will I allow anything to jeopardize that!

Natural HealthIn addition to the special things in my life that make up my juju, there are other things that contribute…  My running events (which I am missing desperately at the moment – haven’t run an event in well over a year),  my visits to a chiropractor who takes a true holistic approach and a naturopathic physician who introduced me to the benefits of holistic well-being.  Branching out into new avenues of health and fitness has been a passion of mine for the past five years or so.  My next adventure in natural well-being is being guided by A Gutsy Girl.  That adventure will begin in about 10 days, and you bet – I will share that journey.

As my blog begins to pick up steam, I’ve received likes and new followers, but above all – I would LOVE to hear from others about your precious juju and what it is that you do to safeguard your own!